Abiotic and Biotic Influences on Current and Historic Distributions of Oyster Reefs

The University of Mississippi

Principal Investigators: Marc Slattery (Lead), Greg Easson, Deborah Gochfeld, Stephanie Showalter, Kristie Willett

Abstract: The goal of this project is to identify differences in abiotic and biotic stressors at current and historic oyster reef sites, to better understand oyster reef health and to inform management regarding the best places and practices to improve oyster reef restoration strategies. To address this goal, The University of Mississippi researchers will undertake three interdisciplinary objectives. They will: 1) develop and deploy replicate Oyster Sensor Platforms to current and historic oyster reefs, 2) characterize the biochemical and physiological responses of oysters to natural and anthropogenic stressors at these sites, and 3) assess the ecological and environmental impacts of stress on oyster reefs.