Sustainability and Restoration of Oyster Reef Habitat in Mississippi Sound: A Larval Transport and Recruitment Approach

The University of Southern Mississippi

Principal Investigators: Jeremy D. Wiggert (Lead), Ken Barbor, Mustafa Kemal Cambazoglu, Arne Diercks, Stephan Howden, Scott Milroy, Chet Rakocinski

Abstract: The four Mississippi Sound-based project components for this project consist of: 1) an investigation of oyster recruitment that contrasts viability of wild vs. cultured oyster spat at both restored and control reefs; 2) benthic habitat mapping surveys that characterize sub-bottom structure and resolve seasonal evolution of oyster reef volume; 3) CODAR-observed hourly-resolved surface circulation over oyster beds of interest at 1 km resolution; and 4) application of a suite of interlinked models to investigate interactive impacts of hydrodynamic processes and environmental stressors on transport and recruitment of oyster larvae and the overall productivity of oyster beds.