Mission and Goals

To support MBRACE's mission of seeking sound comprehensive science-and technology-based understanding of the chronic and acute stressors, both anthropogenic and natural, on the dynamic and productive waters and ecosystems of the northern Gulf of Mexico, and to facilitate sustainable use of the Gulf’s important resources, MBRACE:

  • Serves as a focal point for new, long-term research and socioeconomic initiatives along the northern Gulf with relevance to Mississippi’s resources

  • Serves the people of Mississippi and the northern Gulf region with a scientifically based understanding of ecosystem status and trends (past, present, and predictive) with special emphasis on improved forecasting abilities to ensure sustainable coastal and ocean ecosystems of the Gulf, and

  • Works within a consortium of stakeholders including Mississippi’s research universities, state and federal agencies, local communities, private industry, and non-governmental organization

Science Plan

MBRACE’s long-term Science Plan focuses on the State’s directive toward sustainable coastal management through three major thrust areas: (1) monitoring and ocean observations, (2) modeling, and (3) process studies.